Partners - Benefits to Being a GreenQube Partner

Would your company benefit from being a GreenQube partner?
We make it easy to multiply your business opportunities and your profitability.
GreenQube offers many ways to make your company grow recurring revenue without the upfront hardware costs and expensive and unstable technical expertise needed to get into the SaaS or DaaS market. Partnering with GreenQube gives you immediate access to our 10+ years of Citrix experience, access to dedicated Citrix Certified Sales Professionals and a Citrix Certified SE, promotional tools and collateral, and online access to technical support through our secure partner portal.

Partner Program


White Label Program

  • Become more flexible providing recurring services to your customer base.

  • Gain market share without having to hire more employees and provide costly training that could walk out the door.

  • Assist your customers that are interested in getting out of the hardware business.

  • Reduce your customers’ capital expenditures.

  • Move your customers that tend to price shop or purchase infrequently to a model that YOU own and YOU control.

  • Keep customers that are planning to, or “will” eventually move to the cloud as YOUR customers.

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