Application Hosting for the End User/Client:

GreenQube hosts software packages or apps and stores them on the internet cloud. They are available on any device, anywhere. This feature is available even if a company’s entire infrastructure is not hosted with GreenQube. GreenQube’s application hosting is beneficial in instances where a company wants all employees in various locations to have access to a particular program or software even if the main server is not hosted with GreenQube. The software can be updated, granted permissions and maintained from any location.

Application Hosting for the Software Developer/ISV:

This feature allows companies offering subscription-based software packages to easily deploy the application. Developers have the ability to turn the subscription on or off, maintain the software packages and ensure peak performance.


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You & GreenQube

Provide access to the internet via a laptop, thin client, smart phone, tablet or PC –no more towers or servers to worry about.

Provides all software, updates, apps, and file storage – no more crashed computers.


Backs up your data, runs virus protection, keeps out hackers, and three 9’s uptime.

Add employees instantly by installing a Citrix receiver on any device. Cut back any time without having money tied up in hardware and software licensing.

Gives access to all of your office programs, files, and apps wherever and whenever you log onto the Internet.