Hosted Desktops can make your team more efficient.


To operate more efficiently in today's rapidly changing world of IT, businesses must take advantage of an on-demand operating environment that can provide high availability and optimize the use of resources. This can enable rapid development and agile responses to change in IT demands, improve service levels, and save expenses and resources. Where GreenQube plays a part is we provide a Microsoft powered hosted office with the ability to scale and deploy new apps in minutes. The fact is IT exists to deliver or deploy applications to your employees. The delivery of applications and data is at the core of IT. In short, if everything in your IT department is operational but your users cannot access their applications or data, IT has failed.

Now, there are many players in the new Cloud Computing game but the fact is behind all the hype, if your employees don't have access to their apps when they need them, and in a cost effective and secure manner, it really doesn't make any difference what the technology is called - it's just not what you really need. That's why at GreenQube our mission is getting your applications to the end user in a cost effective and secure manner. That’s what we are judged by.

GreenQube exists to provide your employee their GreenQube Hosted Office (desktop, apps and data) via a secure and cost effect subscription based service. We pair that with a high quality customer service that monitors, manages and continually upgrades resources needed to keep your hosted office operational and ready to transition, deploy or scale at a moment’s notice.

Green Qube's Hosted Desktop and Application Delivery Solutions using Microsoft Technologies enables organizations to improve efficiency by:

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• Centralizing applications in the datacenter to reduce complexity and lower the cost of desktop management by up to 50 %.

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• Delivering applications instantly to users anywhere at anytime on any device.

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• Simplifying and automating the process of delivering or updating applications, enabling IT to focus on strategic initiatives rather than "fixing" problems.


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