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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 21:11

Why choose a Citrix White Label Cloud Service Provider

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If you are like me and a technoid, you have probably said, “I can build a better mouse trap.”  When it comes to computers, networks, and technology, I like to get my hands dirty.  I love to design a solution and see it come together.  Know all the in’s and out’s because I built it.  I also know that by doing so, my customer ends up with the best solution for their budget.

So when we started GreenQube, of course we built it.  We built it right.  We know all the in’s and out’s, up’s and down’s of building a cloud service provider business, running it, marketing it, and maintaining it.  It’s not all about the infrastructure (thought that’s probably one of my favorite parts).  It’s about putting a smile on the end user’s face (that’s my favorite).  Delivering an exceptional user experience.  Knowing that they have a solid product/service in their hands allowing them to be efficient at what they do and do it from anywhere.

So why choose to not go it alone…Why choose to white label or rebrand someone else’s service?

Here are some reasons and some things to look out for:

1) Cost.  You are going to need to invest heavily in infrastructure.  At least $250-500K.  That’s just to start.  Do forget a marketing budget and staff.  Only way to save there is to use a Rackspace or Softlayer for the infrastructure.  But that can and will cost just as much or more over time.  You will need a pipeline of 5,000 plus seats so you can land enough to pay for it.

2) Time to market.  The market for DaaS (Desktops as a Service) or Cloud Desktops is moving forward.  It is moving beyond the early adopters and into an accepted solution.  The upswing is here.  It will take you time to setup your own service and market that service.  It could take you 12-18 months to do it right.  And you need to do it right.

3) Who.  If you choose to white label or rebrand someone else’s Cloud Desktop Service, make sure they are channel/partner committed.  In other words, not selling directly.  There are some out there that play both sides.  We don’t.

We hope that you do well in whichever way you go with your offering as we want this market to do well and move forward.

If you do choose to white label or just want more information, please contact us.  We would be glad to provide you with a test drive and go over in detail about our partner program.