Hosted Desktops - Why Hosted Desktops?

What is cloud computing? A new, more efficient and cost effective way of doing business. Hosted desktops and networks through GreenQube allow you to have all your office computing programs, applications, documents, and email on the Internet cloud instead of on servers and computers in your office.

Easy Set Up

Set up new employees or add new software across an entire organization in one click with GreenQube. IT is that easy.

Work Anywhere

Install a citrix receiver and use any device from any location with Internet access. Never worry about leaving a file at the office. Your office is always with you.

Efficient IT Dept.

Allow your IT department to focus on helping employees instead of getting bogged down with virus recovery, crashed computers, or server problems. GreenQube eliminates IT headaches.

Save Money

Stop paying for system upgrades and the newest computers. GreenQube provides all software patches, virus protection, and computing upgrades. A fixed monthly fee keeps IT costs low and consistent.


Eliminate the need for computer operating systems and upgrades. Allows for software to be made instantly available across an entire organization, no matter the office locations.

Data Backup

No worries with GreenQube.Your network is constantly backed up off site. You never have to wonder if your network is safe.

Go Green

Throw out less hardware every year. Using a thin client instead of a traditional tower PC means there are no moving parts to wear down or crash. Thin clients use up to 90% less energy than a traditional PC.


The GreenQube hosted desktop is always secure and constantly backed up. See how GreenQube allows for Business Continuity in the event of a disaster.



Company Information


You & GreenQube

Provide access to the internet via a laptop, thin client, smart phone, tablet or PC –no more towers or servers to worry about.

Provides all software, updates, apps, and file storage – no more crashed computers.


Backs up your data, runs virus protection, keeps out hackers, and three 9’s uptime.

Add employees instantly by installing a Citrix receiver on any device. Cut back any time without having money tied up in hardware and software licensing.

Gives access to all of your office programs, files, and apps wherever and whenever you log onto the Internet.