Business Never Stops

Ensure that critical business functions never stop for your customers or employees. Move your company from having a disaster recovery plan to a business continuity plan with GreenQube. Disasters are not an issue. GreenQube eliminates disasters before they can happen.

Major Catastrophe

Fires or floods – not an issue to your network when using GreenQube. Since your network resides off site and is constantly backed up, damage to your hardware does not affect your network. Your customers never notice a problem because your system is safe with us.


The GreenQube hosted environment is guaranteed safe from hackers and viruses. And since your files are stored on our system instead of on hardware in your office, theft is not an issue. GreenQube can allow you to change passwords and log in information instantly.

Employee Changes

Eliminate down time due to employee absences or lost knowledge.
GreenQube support is always available.

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Company Information


You & GreenQube

Provide access to the internet via a laptop, thin client, smart phone, tablet or PC –no more towers or servers to worry about.

Provides all software, updates, apps, and file storage – no more crashed computers.


Backs up your data, runs virus protection, keeps out hackers, and three 9’s uptime.

Add employees instantly by installing a Citrix receiver on any device. Cut back any time without having money tied up in hardware and software licensing.

Gives access to all of your office programs, files, and apps wherever and whenever you log onto the Internet.