Move your desktop to the cloud

Managing and supporting your employee desktops and apps can be a great expense of your desktop to the cloud can deliver the following benefits:

  • Great experience even in low bandwidth situations
  • Access to desktop from virtually anywhere and on multiple devices
  • Extended access to critical business apps
  • Enhanced business continuity and security features
  • Savings of both time and money
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Benefits of hosted desktop

  • Great experience even with low bandwidth
  • Access for multiple devices
  • Enable user access to critical business applications
  • Enhanced business continuity and security features
  • Save time and money

Key benefits of GreenQube

  • Scalable and mobile
  • Simple and efficient
  • Secure and Dependable
Hosted desktops and networks through GreenQube allow you to have all your office computing programs, applications, documents, and email on the Internet cloud instead of on servers and computers in your office.

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