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Monday, 05 March 2012 13:37

Is Your Hosted Desktop Licensed Correctly?

Written by  Hunter McFadden


A recent Gartner article addressed the need to ensure that your desktop and Microsoft applications are correctly licensed.  The article, found here, talks about the newly released OnLive Desktop.  This desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering delivers a Windows 7 experience to your iPad or Android tablet with 3 options, Standard (free), Plus ($4.99/month), and Pro ($9.99 /month) with hints of an Enterprise offering.


At issue here is how OnLive is licensing the Microsoft products properly.  They offer MS Office versions in each of the packages.  As a Hosted Desktop service provider, Green Qube has to pay Microsoft for the Windows license as well as the Office Suite license.  As the prices above do not even cover those costs, it is making everyone ask questions:



  • Is it licensed correctly?
  • If not, will the end user or company be held responsible for the cost?
  • If it is, how are they paying for it?
  • Is this just a gimmick price?


Even though Green Qube’s desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering is more expensive, we handle all the Microsoft licensing for you.  No need to worry if it is done correctly.

On top of that, you aren’t limited to a tablet.  Green Qube delivers a high quality Windows 7 experience to any Internet connected device via the Citrix Receiver.  Green Qube’s Hosted Desktop is available 24/7 with your data, line of business applications, email, and settings.


For more information, check out our Workshifting Whitepaper here.

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