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Thursday, 29 March 2012 07:47

So, why the white flags all over?

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Well, I guess unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you noticed that Apple is back in the headlines again. Shares are up 80% in just the last year, they’ve passed Exxon as the world’s most valuable company, they’re getting ready to pay out dividends of about 9.9 Billion and they just sold 3 million new iPads in a grand total of - get this - 3 days. Hey, 1 mil a day - not too shabby.

Fact is, it’s nearly impossible to pick up a newspaper (oops, sorry about that) - “device”, without reading about another Apple success story. But today I thought I would point out an interesting fact or two – including, well - that little white flag - being waived - right down there at the bottom of the page - yep - in the fine print there - just trying its best to be as absolutely invisible as it can. But, it’s there alright. And who by chance is waiving it? Well, none other than Corporate IT. Yep, that’s a white flag alright. Of surrender that is. And it’s quietly being waived by IT Directors and the like from all over, and really lots of the official and “traditional” IT types that love the “tried and true”, and “known”, and perhaps “conventional and conservative” about IT.

And so why the white flags? Well, I guess you could say “consumerization” has won. Well OK “consumerization” - yep, a big word but actually pretty simple. It’s really just the tendency for new information technology to emerge first in the consumer market and then spread into business. So, many an IT Director that has been the king of the hill for about the last 20 years just cringes when they hear, “Hey can you help me set up my iPad so I access my desktop from the house?” But, when the CEO or CFO asks the same question, well, things change, (i.e. the battle is over). So, needless to say, white flags are being waved all over the place. Quietly you understand, but they are there - and Apple is once again to blame (or should we say thank).

But, there is a sub plot. And so here’s an interesting part of the story – no one ever really needed to fight a battle. Why? Because the fact is Citrix had a solution all the time. Citrix had a solution to the problem way BEFORE Apple introduced the iPhone or iPad (or before consumerization). Fact is - Citrix had a MAC client well over ten years ago. So, say twelve years ago - if you wanted to run a Windows App on a Mac - no problem - thanks to Citrix. And what’s even more interesting is that so many of those IT folks that were dreading losing the battle of control of IT had the solution right in front of them all along. Why? Because fact is 100% of Fortune 100 and 99% of 500 already used Citrix and it’s secure as heck. Keep your data in the DC and “publish” your Desktop and Apps to the “device of your choice”. So, for the iPad, iPhone and Android too, Citrix had the answer already. So, in a way, Citrix is the Appomattox Court house of the civil war. They are the United Nations that actually “works”. Fact is Citrix makes is “easy”, “inexpensive” and “super secure” to access your desktop from any device, frpm anywhere at any time, or as we at Green Qube like to apply refer to it today - “workshifting”.

That’s also the reason why Green Qube has always used Citrix from day one, and it’s always been at the core of our Hosted Virtual Desktop that makes Workshifting possible. Microsoft might be the OS, and yep, we provide MS Office as a service via our On Demand or subscription based model, but Citrix is what gets you that MS App “fast” and on “any device” and “secure” better than anyone else. Period. And that’s why Green Qube has one of the fastest hosted desktops on the planet. We DON’T cut corners and we DO use Citrix.

But, I’ll have to admit, there is even another sub plot to the story...

Now, for the real irony of this story. The most interesting fact of all this is the face that consumerization of IT is a GOOD thing for IT. Yep, good, and so why do I say good? Because it’s the employee that’s really behind “consumerization” - not Apple, or the “Big Corporation”. Consumerization was actually just a bit of fate. It was caused by none other than the - get this - the employee themselves, just wanting to be able to be a bit more productive using consumer devices and IT saw it as a threat to - well, the way things were. Fact is, it’s the employee that’s asking (usually before the CEO), “Hey, is it OK if I work at home or on the go”; a) after hours, b) more than their normal 40 hours, c) at no extra charge, d) so they can be more productive, e) so they can be with their family more, c) you fill in the blank. But wait a minute, isn’t it usually the other way around? Isn’t it the VP, or Manager, or Owner that’s trying to get that little extra out of their employee? So, here’s our last real fact of the blog, most employees WANT the tools to do a better job. Most WANT to be successful. Most will trade a little time if they “can” do a better job.  So, Green Qube is proud of the fact that we DO help the employee do a better job.

Green Qube is proud to use a software (i.e. Citrix tools) that was there before the battle and after the smoke cleared.

Thanks Citrix!