GreenQube’s Cloud Workspace Helps SHI International Deliver Fast, Secure and Affordable Hosted Desktops and Windows Applications to Small and Medium Businesses

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Thursday, 13 February 2014 20:37

GreenQube CEO to Give Presentation on DaaS

Phoenix, AZ: GreenQube, Inc. - 19 February 2014 - Our partner Brinkster would like to invite you to an event at their corporate headquarters for an exclusive Desktop as a Service (DaaS) training and Q&A event.

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Monday, 04 November 2013 13:35

GreenQube Attends Cloud Computing Expo West

We’ve probably all heard the phrase, "Go West, young man"; words from American author Horace Greeley concerning America's expansion westward.   Well, it was good advice 150 years ago, and we think just as good today.  In fact, GreenQube and thousands of others are headed west this week, specifically to Santa Clara CA for the 13th Annual Cloud Expo, “THE” conference where the Cloud meets Big Data.
The fact is recent IDC research shows that worldwide spending on cloud services will grow almost threefold, reaching $44.2 billion by 2013. And a recent Gartner report predicts that the volume of enterprise data overall will increase by a phenomenal 650% over the next five years.  With GreenQube’s partnership with Citrix and our cutting edge Cloud Workspace, what better place to network with our Partners and Customers.  Therefore, we hope to see you out as GreenQube will have both our CEO Hunter McFadden and VP of Strategic Partnerships Preston Rose, along with other members of the Citrix CSP Team there to meet you and demo our product.
In addition, at the Expo, GreenQube has chosen to join forces with SHI this week (Cloud Expo’s 2013 West Diamond Sponsor) and will be participating in their booth during the week.  SHI is a $4 billion+ global provider of information technology products and services and works closely with GreenQube and Citrix in the Cloud Workspace market.  If you plan to head out, give us a call at 866.343.1758 and let us know.  The great news is we have a complementary VIP pass available for those that can make it so hope to see you there.
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Monday, 25 February 2013 23:09

What is a Hosted Desktop?

The biggest solution in setting up a business continuity plan is to have your IT infrastructure transferred online by availing of services from cloud computing vendors. And undoubtedly, the biggest portion of this business continuity solution is having all or most workstations virtualized, the most common type being hosted desktops.

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Traditionally, the role of the IT or IS department is to make sure that all required computing resources are up and running smoothly for an indefinite measure of time. Meaning the IT guy’s job is never done, from data migration, software installation and update, and even hardware repair and maintenance, the job is always stressful and there is always something that needs fixing. Hosted Desktops eliminate a number of these problems.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013 18:57

Hosted Desktop - Infrastructure Upgrades

GreenQube has gone through a hardware refresh and upgrade process. With this upgrade GreenQube has incorporated Windows 2012 and Solid State Drives (SSD) into its Hosted Desktop infrastructure.

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     The main reason why data-driven companies with lots of sensitive customer data are looking past cloud computing as a viable solution for their business, is because of security and privacy concerns that the multi-tenant infrastructure of cloud computing brings. The multi-tenant infrastructure is very important for cloud computing as it carries the scalability and cost benefits of the paradigm.

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     Cloud computing, or application hosting, offers something for everybody. And even when something is not yet offered, you can bet that someone is already developing it or at least thinking about it.

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The rapid advancement of telecommunications technology and the mobile industry is ensuring that cloud computing is the paradigm of the future and will not look to be replaced anytime soon. The emphasis is shifting to the mobile space with small and easy to use apps rather than full blown “fat applications” which need a specific hardware to run. Though we can still consider cloud computing and telecommunications technology as young, having yet to show their true potential, it is getting apparent that this is the path we are headed in.

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First of all let us define what a hosted private cloud is and how it differs to the general definition of cloud computing. A hosted private cloud is a cloud infrastructure which has been provisioned for the exclusive use of a single organization or collaborations thereof; only recognized constituents may access it or even know that it exists. The infrastructure could be operated, owned and managed by this organization, a third party, or a combination of both and it may exist on or off premises.

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