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Friday, 23 March 2012 20:20

Making the Cubicle Green

Written by  Hunter McFadden

Most businesses have moved parts of their data and resources to the cloud already.  Odds are you host your email and website in the cloud already.  

Businesses are even hosting their data in the cloud via solutions like ShareFile or DropBox.  Most of this is done so that the company can save money and resources on what traditionally run in the data center or data closet.

Building out a closet or even a whole room for servers, storage, and network gear is very costly to do correctly.  Usually somewhere between $150 to $400 per square foot.  Most businesses cannot afford to build this out.  Also the actual cost of infrastructure is expensive.

But interestingly enough, most businesses consider the desktop as a commodity resource.  Even considered as inexpensive to maintain.  I would even wager that most businesses spend more money on desktops and maintaining them than they ever did on their servers or data closet.  But as this is a cost that is not paid out all at once, it goes just about unnoticed.

If you have moved your data and servers to the cloud, why not your cubicles?

Why not your desktop and applications?  By doing so, you can reduce your costs all the way down to the cubical and not just the data closet or data center. Not only do you reduce your cost, you make them predictable.

This is the whole concept behind out name: Green Qube (Cube)

So make your cubicle green and order some qubes!