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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 21:44

Why ISV’s Should Consider Cloud Application Hosting and SaaS

Written by  Hunter McFadden

The rapid advancement of telecommunications technology and the mobile industry is ensuring that cloud computing is the paradigm of the future and will not look to be replaced anytime soon. The emphasis is shifting to the mobile space with small and easy to use apps rather than full blown “fat applications” which need a specific hardware to run. Though we can still consider cloud computing and telecommunications technology as young, having yet to show their true potential, it is getting apparent that this is the path we are headed in.

Pretty soon, we will be able to play graphically demanding games previously only available on the PC and consoles on our underpowered tablets and smart phones through server-side application hosting, as all processing is being done on the server and the output video streamed to mobile devices. There are already companies out there that are providing such services. But most independent software vendors (ISV) are still unable to compete with large game and software companies because of the lack of resources and manpower. They have tighter budgets and hence have smaller timeframes for development, cutting the testing period, diminishing quality. Add to that the time required for setting up online components like servers and testing them for resiliency and what you get is a late product full of bugs. Having a good application host can totally turn this around.

What this means for the ISV is that they do not have to worry about hardware compatibility and varied resource availability on their customers’ side because the application they develop can be hosted on the cloud and given out as a service (SaaS) and it will not matter if it is a game or an office application, any kind of software can be hosted by a cloud vendor like GreenQube and made available to customers quickly because the expertise can be provided by the vendor in terms of server and subscription management so that the ISV can concentrate on their application and have more time to develop rich features because other problems are taken off their hands. With a subscription scheme that essentially turns this into Software as a Service (SaaS), customers are able to pay only for what they use which makes it a very good alternative to buying the licensed software which may no longer be needed a few months in the future. This ensures that software development carries over nicely into the world of cloud computing.