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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 10:00

The Scattered Workforce: Path to Globalization

Written by  Hunter McFadden

A lot of people have dreams about working in their own home and at their leisure with nothing but greed driving their desire to work, not a bossy supervisor who is constantly on their back. But even with today’s communications collaboration technology, up until now, there is not one that defines a real cloud collaboration tool that brings a workforce together in a real virtual office. Even leading outsourcing work-from-home portals like and only provide basic collaboration tools which lead employers to select their own cloud tools, and each one has their own preference. Freelancers will have to constantly adapt to different tools as they get contracts from different employers, and employers will have to train their new contractors to use their tools taking up the time of both.

GreenQube offers outsourcers a way to tie up all of their applications and data in a single work environment, Hosted Desktops dubbed as the Qube. This allows them to package everything that their contractors will need and have the ability to add and remove applications as required by that contractor. This lifts the burden from the contractor for signing up or even paying for services that might not be required after the contract has ended; this goes the same for the employer.


With Hosted Desktops, a local business can even go global by employing a scattered workforce. For example, imagine a local insurance or investment company going global by hiring sales agents in different countries across the world and giving them all the data and applications they would need through a personal Qube, which they can access through their smart phone or tablets. This makes them even more mobile because laptops are not required and they can just approach anyone, tablet or phone in hand, and start with the sales pitch-- even at the park or on the subway. A sales agent overhearing a conversation over coffee that someone needs insurance or needs to invest could make this the start of a great business deal. There would be no need for an office or paperwork as all documents can be provided through the Qube; and yes, signatures can be inputted on a touch screen device. Each person carries their office in their bag.

This is the vision of cloud computing in general, anyone can work at their own time, at their own pace, and anywhere they want. This reduces the need for a communal office space, costly hardware, and might even eliminate rush hour as this reduces the need for people to speed off into and out of the same general district at the same exact time.