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Thursday, 30 August 2012 09:55

A Business Continuity Solution for Businesses Affected by Natural Disaster

Written by  Hunter McFadden

The U.S. held its breath as Hurricane Isaac made landfall along the Gulf coast in southeastern Louisiana, on the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Luckily the city of New Orleans, which was devastated by Katrina, was shown mercy by Isaac. Nevertheless, it is a reminder of how in the face of a disaster such as this, companies could be crippled due to the mass evacuation of workers, which undoubtedly would result in losing valuable data and work because of infrastructure damage. Even after a disaster, a considerable amount of resources will be spent for recovery before work can resume. This sort of impact can at least be mitigated through cloud computing which allows online integration of the office environment, eliminating the need for a static workstation.


With cloud computing, all valuable work related data is stored online and can be accessed anywhere in the world, enabling a scattered workforce to collaborate as if they were in the same location. GreenQube builds in Business Continuity and it allows people to continue with important work whenever and wherever they are, simply because all applications and data are accessible online. This could allow a company to continue conducting global business even when their locality is faced with a disaster like the one being posed by Hurricane Isaac. This is implemented via hosted desktops called Qubes, an obvious nod to the office cubicle, where all required applications are run and can be accessed through any device capable of connecting to the internet.

Through services provided by GreenQube, companies large and small can save money from hardware and maintenance costs, data loss due to equipment damage, and worker unavailability because they can work from wherever they are and with any device they have. This would allow them to continue doing business without the fear brought by major disasters like fires, storms, or earthquakes, and even mitigate losses from hardware and data theft.

Don't let this keep your business down

Hurricane Damage to an Office

Cloud computing in general is now being used for disaster management and recovery because it can provide the communication and computing power requirements that disaster situations require. This facilitates rapid deployment of information and detailed plans of action to all field personnel in a matter of seconds, allowing for quick response and situational awareness. From enterprise to small business GreenQube can tailor a solution to fit business requirements and budget.

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