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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 20:21

A Day in the Life in a Perfect Work World

Written by  Hunter McFadden

Whenever you hear the word “work” what is the first idea that comes to mind? How do you picture your work environment? Do you like what you see? Let us go further down the rabbit hole and finally ask this question… Where would you want to work?

A lot of people would answer that they would rather work at home, if they could. This is one of the many reasons workshifting is gaining ground. It’s like a dream come true, to be able to work on your own desk, in your own home and accomplish your office work with ease and at your own pace. You may think that this is not possible, but think again.

A New Reality

Businesses that are really on the ball may dramatically improve productivity by using a cloud hosted desktop or a Citrix White label provider. This allows the option of acquiring 25 to 30 percent of their workforce through websites that offer jobs to people who do workshifting. This is not hearsay, but a fact, that so many companies are now getting on the workshifting band wagon. The reality is that the manner of hiring, the scope, the quality and the demand for work in this time and age has changed immensely. The only way for a business to stay on top of the game is to find the right hosted desktop service provider; one that can provide all of its XaaS and PaaS needs.

Keys to the Kingdom

In order to increase productivity, a company should run programs specific to this plan. Citrix White label targets smoother workflow and also host programs. Sharing files and retrieving information from employees is a snap. This is more effective than email, since everyone can share cloud hosting information directly and fast. With the use of cloud hosting the employer easily gets things done through remote accessibility. This opens the door to an unprecedented upside; cloud hosting cuts costs, provides greater productivity and produces happier employees. Was there ever a time a happy employee called in sick? Was there ever a time a happy employee blowed off work? All these issues go away and you can thank working-from-home for that.

A Changing World

Innovative ways to get more work done at less costs is just like getting more of what you need at a wholesale price. Among businesses, big or small, the option to outsource has become highly in demand. Having employees overseas can cut down on overhead costs as well. Cloud computing allows the employer to be more in control of the business. The business may be in Texas but a bulk of the work force could be located in Australia. Employers today may choose to constantly spend time interviewing, training and preparing employees for new positions or simpy hire people who are efficiently set up in their own homes. This is probably the biggest choice they will have to make.

For more information, please download our Workshifting Whitepaper here