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Friday, 23 March 2012 21:26

Making the Cubicle Mobile

Written by  Hunter McFadden


Most businesses have mobile users.  People who need a laptop with business data and applications installed on it.  It is one thing to lose a laptop.  It’s quite another when you lose the data that is on it.

Traditionally, businesses have allowed users to work from home or away from the office by allowing them to install applications on a laptop and accessing the data either through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or email function.  With the advent of services like ShareFile, this data is accessible and updated even without the cost of maintaining a VPN infrastructure.  But even so, that data is still on the device and susceptible to theft.

The other aspect of traditional computing, are the users who are not mobile but sit at a desk in the office.  What happens to their access should something happen to the office building?  Where do they go?  How do they access company data and applications?

With a Green Qube Hosted Desktop solution, we solve the issues at hand.  By moving the data, applications, and the desktop to our cloud, we give companies true cubicle mobility.  You can setup a cubicle anywhere in the world and access your information and applications secure and cost effectively.

No more worrying about potential data loss.  We can make it to where it never sits on the device.

No more worrying about what happens if you can’t conduct business your location.  Just change locations and the cubicle follows you.

So save some money and go green!  Order some mobile Qubes!