GreenQube CloudSpace Description PDF Print

Definition: A unified hosted desktop that delivers a consistent look and feel and user experience across any connected device.

Available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Enterprise.

Consists of:

  1. Access to Hosted Desktops and/or applications
  2. End user management and provisioning
  3. Personal and share data repositories
  4. Secure and mobile access
  5. Policy and role based access and control
  6. Microsoft Office License (supplied or ability to bring your own license)
  7. Fully managed or co-managed support. 

Optional Components: 

  1. Ability to add other applications and backend services
  2. Hosted Exchange withOptions for encryption and archiving.
  3. SQL Server/VM add-on with licensing.
  4. Dedicated File Server/Storage

Small Workspace –

  1. Ideal for up to 50 users
  2. Hosted Desktop
  3. MS Office Standard license included (option to upgrade to Pro.)
  4. Hosted Exchange Account
  5. 5 GB of user space per user
  6. 50 GB of shared space per customer
  7. Fully managed solution

Medium Workspace –

  1. Ideal for up to 500Is scalable well above this.
  2. Hosted Desktop
  3. MS Office Standard license included (option to upgrade to Pro.)
  4. Backend SQL server with user licensing
  5. Other applications installable upon request
  6. Hosted Exchange Account
  7. 5 GB of user space per user
  8. Dedicated file server with 250 GB storage
  9. Fully managed solution

Enterprise Workspace –

  1. Fully customizable solution (a la carte)
  2. Hosted Desktop
  3. Choose between dedicated or shared resources or combine them
  4. Exchange account with filtering
  5. MS Office Standard (option to upgrade to Pro) or BYOL
  6. Bring your own apps
  7. Federated account integration
  8. Can be co-managed by customer’s staff
  9. Call to discuss solution and for quote

Only customers with existing Volume or Enterprise Agreements with Microsoft have the option to use their current licenses.

Hosted Desktop –

            Consists of:

  1. IE and Chrome
  2. 5 GB User storage
  3. Ability to personalize
  4. Delivered via Citrix HDX/ICA or Microsoft RDP




    Exchange w/ 10GB mailbox   EXCH-10                                  Guaranteed Nightly Backup


Add on Monthly Service:


    Citrix App Server                   VM-CTXAPP

    (For Apps not in image)                                             2 vCPU

                                                                                    4 GB RAM
                                                                                    50 GB HD space (No Backup included)

    SQL Server                           VM-SQL                       
                                                                                    2 vCPU
                                                                                    4 GB RAM
                                                                                    50 GB for OS on Tier 1 storage
                                                                                    20 GB Data (Backup optional)
                                                                                    $1.50 per GB extra

    Dedicated File Server                        VM-FILE          
                                                                                    2 vCPU
                                                                                    4 GB RAM
                                                                                    40 GB for OS
                                                                                    40 GB Data (Backup included)
                                                                                    $1 per GB Extra
                                                                                    VSS/Previous Versioning enablement
                                                                                    Backup daily with 120 day retention
                                                                                    VM snapshot every Saturday with image maintained 1 for every month for 12                                                                                                           Months & 1 for every Year for 5 Years


 Dedicated Citrix Farm               CTX-FARM                  For data collection and “Best Practice Management” needs


Additional Custom Desktop Packages/Plans will be priced individually and created for the Reseller as requested.